A mother and son were checked for radiation exposure in Fukushima

Fukushima Mother of worker: 'They Have Accepted They Will All Probably Die’

     Japan nuclear crisis: Mothers-to-be flee Fukushima leak after        radiation alert
    Banker Matt Saunderson, 33 - among Brits determined to get      families clear - said: "I'm sending  my wife and children home. "It doesn't matter what the Japanese authorities are saying - when it comes to nuclear fallout, or the risk of it, I'm not taking chances with my kids."

Tragic ... grief-stricken Yoshie Murakami reaches out to hold her mother's hand after finding her dead in the rubble - her 23-year-old daughter is also missing  Milk contaminated  A Mother and Son
  were checked for radiation exposure

Water contaminated unsafe for babies  

                         Mothers for Peace on alert