Selected keynote talks by Heidi Hutner

  • Opening Address: "What is Sustainability?" SUNY Sustainability Conference. September, 2015.
  • "Ecofeminism and Mothering in Literature and Film Keynote Address." 2009 ARM Conference. Toronto, Canada. 2009.
  • "What is Ecofeminism?" Pratt Institute for Greenweek. Brooklyn, N.Y. 2009.

Selected invited presentations by Heidi Hutner

  • "Activism, Community, and Love." Wesleyan University.  April, 2016.
  • "Ecofeminism, Environmental Justice, and Literature." SUNY Sustainability Conference. Stony Brook University. September, 2015.
  • "Fukushima and Nuclear DisasterRoundtable Discussion." The Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, N.Y. December 2014
  • "The Debate on Nuclear Power." Hofstra University. Hempstead, N.Y. November 2014
  • “Sustainability, Writing and Nature.” Omega Institute. Rhinebeck, N.Y. July 2014. 
  • “Literature, Language, and Sustainability.” Omega Institute. Rhinebeck, N.Y. July 2013.
  • “Maternal Anti-Nuclear History.” St. Petersburg State University. St. Petersburg, Russia. Summer 2012.
  • “Feminism and Anti-Nuclear Mothers.” Green Festival at the Javits Center. New York, N.Y. Spring 2012.
  • “After Fukishima: Nuclear Power and Public Health.” The Great Debate at the Humanities Institute, Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, N.Y. Fall 2011.
  • “Mothers and Anti-Nuclear Activism.” With Susan Griffin and Medea Benjamin at Poets and Busboys. Washington, D.C. Fall 2011.
  • “Sandra Steingraber’s Ecofeminism and Cancer: An Introduction to Living Downstream, the Film.” The Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, N.Y. Spring 2011.
  • “Ecofeminism and the Post-Apocalyptic in Parable of the Sower and Into the Forest.” The Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, N.Y. 2007.
  • “What is Ecofeminist Theory?” Supported by the Environmental Club of Stony Brook, at Stony Brook University. Stony Brook, N.Y. 2006.
  • “Reflowering the Garden: Ecofeminism and Literature.“ Mill Pond House. Stony Brook, N.Y. 2005.